A brief analysis of the methods of moisture and mildew resistance of high-grade wooden

- Jan 30, 2019-

First, the method of preventing moisture

The moisture-proof method lies in the packaging, and the suitable moisture-proof material can be selected when packaging the product. At the same time, it is necessary to protect the moisture-absorbing materials from moisture. Add a suitable moisture barrier. Sealed with moisture-proof materials. Finally, don't forget to add a desiccant.

The purpose of the moisture-proof of the high-grade wooden box is to prevent the moisture from intruding into the packaging to affect the quality of the contents and to take certain protective measures. The technical principle of moisture-proof packaging is to isolate the product from the humid atmosphere with a low moisture permeability or moisture impermeable material to avoid the influence of moisture on the product.

Second, mold-proof skills

1. By absorbing a certain amount of desiccant in the sealed package to absorb the moisture in the package, the moisture content of the packaged product is reduced below its allowable water content. This technology is commonly used in food packaging, wine box packaging, tea packaging, and the like.