Design of wooden wine box

- Jan 12, 2019-

Designers to wooden wine box packaging to do eye-catching is not too difficult, but to be different, but also to reflect the cultural connotation of the wine box is the most critical in the design process. Among the many elements of wine packaging design, the visual impact of color is the strongest. Wine packaging used in the color, will enable consumers to produce associations, induce a variety of emotions, so that the purchase psychology changes. However, it should be noted that the use of color to stimulate people's feelings should also follow a certain law. Psychological research believes that in the design of wine packaging, less use of blue, green, purple and so on, and as much as possible to use orange, orange and other people reminiscent of the harvest, mature color, so as to arouse the appetite of customers to promote the purchase of action. 

When consumers buy nourishing products, most of them will be satisfied with the large area of warm color packaging goods, and cleaning products are more interested in cold tone packaging. The packaging of wooden wine boxes should also be considered to match the market positioning, grade, value and cost of the goods. Consumers generally believe that the quality of packaging reflects the quality of products and image, but also pay attention to avoid excessive packaging, so that consumers do not have a pompous, cheated feeling.    

This is the effect of commodity packaging acting on consumer psychology. 3. Successful wooden wine box packaging should also make consumers "forget" psychology that memory is a reappearance of things that have been experienced in the past, memory is an important part of the process of psychological cognition, the basic process includes memorizing, maintaining, recalling and re-recognizing. Among them, the memory and maintenance is the premise, recall and re-recognition is the result, only to remember, keep strong, recall and re-recognition can be realized. Therefore, commodity packaging design to let consumers remember, it is necessary to reflect the distinctive personality characteristics of goods, with concise and clear text, images, but also to reflect the cultural characteristics of goods and modern consumer fashion.