How to choose wooden box

- Jan 05, 2019-

With the pursuit of packaging products, the products that are generally packaged using the cartoner are packaged in carton, but the carton cannot be stored for too long after being packaged. Therefore, the use of the wooden box gives people The products have increased a lot of ornamental value and price increase, especially in the past few years, people buy red wine, etc., using wooden box packaging red wine can not only enhance the value of red wine itself, the wooden box of packaging red wine has a good collection value. But how to choose when choosing a wooden box?

1. When selecting the wooden box, carefully observe the materials used in the wooden box. Try not to select some wooden boxes containing insects and falling off the wooden box. This wooden box is not thoroughly dried. After a long time, more will appear. problem

2. When observing the wooden box, it is necessary to see whether the packaging side of the wooden box is flat. If there is an uneven place, there may be a lot of moisture. Therefore, such a wooden box cannot be purchased, maybe a few days later. The edge band will fall and affect the life of the wooden box.