Material selection of engraving wooden box packaging box

- Jan 02, 2019-

Carving is the general name of three kinds of creation methods, carving, engraving and shaping. Engraved hard materials (such as wood), to create a certain space of visual, touchable artistic image, in order to reflect social life, the expression of the artist's aesthetic feelings, aesthetic feelings, aesthetic ideals of the art. Wood carving is a type of job separated from carpentry, which is "fine carpentry" in the classification of jobs in the country.

At present, engraving technology has been widely used in high-grade wooden box processing production. Generally choose the texture of fine and tough, not easy to deform tree species such as Nan Mu, rosewood, incense, mahogany and so on. Wood carving has round carving, relief, carving or several techniques used. Some also paint Shiya to protect wood and beautification. Wood is soft, some rough, ordinary wood soft and easy to carve, thick and heavy hard carving. Wooden tough, fine texture, bright color called hardwood, such as mahogany, poplar, pear wood, sandalwood and so on, with all the advantages of carving, is the carving of the superior materials, suitable for the carving structure of complex, finely styled works, and in the production process and preservation when not easy to break damage, has a high collection value, It's just carved up to be more laborious and easy to damage the cutter. The looser wood is suitable for beginners, such as lime wood, camphor wood, pine and so on. This kind of wood is suitable for carving shape simple structure, image more general works, carved up is also relatively easy, but because of its soft wood, color is weak, some need coloring treatment, in order to strengthen the sense of quantity.