Packaging wooden box design

- Jan 05, 2019-

First of all, with the improvement of people's living standards, while pursuing material satisfaction and eager to pursue spiritual satisfaction, it is necessary to have a packaging wooden box with cultural taste, which can promote the consumer to produce an emotional resonance. Therefore, we should think about the social utility of design and pay attention to the cultural nature of design. Culture refers to the sum of material and spiritual productive capacity and material wealth and spiritual wealth obtained by human beings in the process of social practice. It has nationality and The development of form forms the tradition of the nation.

However, the cultural nature of this packaging wooden box design should not only refer to the traditional culture of the country, but a complex that coexists with the times. The traditional packaging wooden boxes of various nationalities in our country are various in form, and the progress of culture directly affects the development of packaging wooden boxes, especially the packaging wooden boxes for gifts.

The traditional enamel and box made of nanmu and eucalyptus are used to store items such as pens, inks, books, paintings, enamels, etc. It is a kind of gift-wrapped wooden box. The people of all ethnic groups use reasonable materials in the packaging wooden box, make ingenious, unique style, distinctive decorative style, and have a strong local traditional style, which makes foreigners feel the unique and unique feeling.

As human beings follow the pace of the times, they are becoming more and more attached to traditional culture. China is a country with a long history. For a long time, it has deposited many essences of ancient, modern, modern and folk art. People have a lot of feelings about it. "Biluochun" gift tea packaging wooden box, the tea culture melodious, elegant, musk, long-lasting emotions, vividly reflected, luxurious, elegant pattern as the material of the packaging wooden box, simple, bright but nationalized style, that is, expression The characteristics of human culture in the tea gift packaging wooden box, and the emotional exchange in the world culture. The bold and dignified text and the intense and rich contrast of colors give the quality of the tea culture.