Psychological strategy in packaging design

- Jul 14, 2018-

Successful wooden wine box packaging should also make consumers "unforgettable". Psychology believes that memory is the reproduction of people's past experiences. Memory is an important part of the process of psychological understanding. The basic process includes memorization, retention, and Memories and recognition. Among them, memorization and retention are the premise, and recall and recognition are the result. Only memorize and remain firm, and memories and recognition can be realized. Therefore, in order to keep consumers in mind, commodity packaging design must reflect the distinctive personality characteristics of the products, have simple and clear texts and images, and reflect the cultural characteristics of the products and the modern consumption fashion.

In summary, people's psychological activities are extremely subtle and difficult to ponder. People often buy goods on their own impressions. Psychological tests for consumers show that beauty and ugliness, elegance and vulgarity, attention and exclusion, these psychological emotions are not only different for men, women and children, but also because of the country, region and individual preferences. Therefore, a seemingly simple commodity package permeates the theoretical basis of consumer psychology. Constantly analyze the psychological needs of target customers, and establish different consumer purchasing behavior patterns on this basis, in order to accurately explore the relationship between product packaging and consumer psychology, thereby improving the effect of packaging design, stimulating consumers to produce goods. desire.