Psychological strategy in packaging design of wooden wine box

- Jan 10, 2019-

Wooden wine box design exquisite, rich sense of the contemporary and artistic charm of the packaging, not only to bake the value of goods, but also beautify the goods, improve the appearance of the value of goods, to consumers with beauty and enjoyment.   

Some consumers with strong aesthetic ideas tend to buy goods for exquisite packaging attraction. Can arouse people's attention is the first factor to enhance the effect of packaging "attention" is a characteristic of the process of psychological cognition activity, which is the direction and concentration of people's cognition of things. People show the characteristics of attention both in perception, memory, or thinking.  

Psychological research and analysis, a packaging design to make consumers pay attention to and can understand, understand and form a solid memory, and acting on the human eye, ear and other sensory organs in the packaging of the text, color, graphics and sound conditions of the uniqueness inseparable. In the process of people's visual cognition, it is not passively accepting the stimulating effect of objective things, but under the interaction of objective things and people's subjective psychological factors. The text, map, color and shape of commodity packaging are a visual element for consumers, and these elements must have certain personality characteristics in order to attract the attention of consumers.