Red wine wooden box decoration - display of red wine essence

- Jan 03, 2019-

There is a saying that "wooden wine is a hundred years old, boxed in the world red." A bottle of cutting-edge red wine, there should be a sophisticated wine wooden box to store it. Having said that, who knows why in the first place, use wooden boxes to store red wine?

Let us first analyze this from the perspective of red wine. Those who love red wine may know that the phrase "red wine has life". The reason why such red wine is evaluated is definitely not made out of thin air, because it has passed many Later generations discovered that the ultraviolet rays in the air cause the premature ripening of the active cells in the wine, which is the root cause of the taste of the wine. Isn't it helpless? Of course not! So how can we very well block the exposure of ultraviolet light to extend the life cycle of active cells in wine? After professional research, only wooden boxes will be excellent in blocking the penetration of ultraviolet rays.

Under such a situation, it is inevitable that some people will have such a question: Is it not useful for utensils of other materials? Of course, the answer must not be. Vessels with many raw materials are also excellent in blocking the penetration of ultraviolet light. However, other materials will also block the flow and replacement of air during the process of blocking UV penetration, so that the air in the package can not be replaced, so that the wine in the bottle will be certain to a certain extent. To the extent of the impact, there is no such problem in the wooden box. That's why wooden boxes stand out among the many "competitors."