The choice of materials for the important elements of wooden wine box packaging

- Aug 04, 2018-

The aesthetics of modern material art is changing the aesthetic concept of wooden wine box packaging. When customizing wooden wine boxes, the choice of material design creativity and unique artistic charm can bring visual impact and shock to people. Therefore, the proper use of wooden wine box materials can not only enhance the artistic effect of wooden wine box packaging, but also an important symbol of the quality of wooden wine boxes.

There are two types of packaging materials: one is artificial materials, such as glass, plastic, metal, etc.; the second is natural materials, such as bamboo, wood, rattan and so on. Different materials have different aesthetic characteristics, giving people different visual and tactile feelings. Custom wooden wine boxes should understand the material type and also pursue the aesthetic feeling of materials. Usually, the consumer's feeling is determined by a series of factors such as the texture, luster, texture and feel of the wooden wine box itself. For example, the rough material gives the original beauty; the smooth material gives the beauty of luxury; the thick material gives the beauty of stability; the thin material gives the beauty of romance.

For the customization of wooden wine boxes, we generally use two different methods: one is to design the shape of the wooden wine box, then to find the material according to the shape, and the other is to design the wooden wine box packaging according to the material. Regardless of which method is used, the material is ultimately converted into packaging. Different wooden wine boxes have different design styles, but materials are always an important design element. Only by subtly injecting the material characteristics into the packaging design can the unique charm of the material be fully utilized, so that the wooden wine box packaging service can be better served, and the content of the wooden wine box can be fully expressed.

In short, the material is the material carrier of the wooden wine box, which is the material basis for embodying the idea of wooden wine box packaging. Missing material. Any perfect wooden wine box customization can only be a fantasy. Therefore, the choice of materials becomes a prerequisite for the success of packaging, and with the right materials, the creative style of wooden wine packaging can be fully expressed.