The liquor will also be divided with the grade of the box

- Sep 14, 2018-

Today's ultra-high-end liquor brands plus high-end packaging to form a combination is also increasingly positioning luxury, low-grade wine will become the mainstream of market consumption.

Its corresponding wine packaging has also been repositioned, with the rise of high-end liquor and the development of processing technology and technology, high-end wine packaging more and more tend to high-grade, low-end wine packaging gradually towards exquisite.

In the cost composition of liquor, the proportion of the larger is mainly grain and packaging, while labor costs, fuel power and manufacturing costs account for about 16%.

From the point of view of the proportion, wine packaging accounted for the largest proportion, but also can be seen in the wine packaging up and down the largest effort. The packaging grade of wine is related to whether the value added of products can be improved. Of course, it is also divided with the grade of packaging. The second is how the ingredients in the wine are, depending on how much you know about the line, or you won't be able to buy something cheap.