What steps are the production process of tea wooden box

- Jan 03, 2019-

Solid wood Tea box is the first choice of materials that choose to make wood embryos of wood, commonly used in beech wood, pine, rubber wood and other solid wood, wood selection can choose the whole block of logs or have opened a good material plank plate, MDF plate, deck, etc. after selecting the material, the next step is to cut the wood embryo plate in the woodworking workshop.and carry out the sand blasting of the initial embryo;

If you choose to use logs after the production of wood embryos can be directly out of the finished product do not do the appearance of the process of treatment, direct internal decoration packaging out of the finished product. Wooden tea wooden box has according to the material has solid wood tea box, medium fiber plate tea box and plywood tea box three kinds, of which solid wood tea box and medium fiber plate tea box is the most common. But most of the time the tea wooden box surface needs to do paint and other decorative patterns of treatment, this time the wood embryo needs to carry out bottom oil, scrub, color oil, and surface oil treatment, if it is matte paint effect does not need polishing vice versa light paint needs to be polished treatment, and wooden tea box logo production process includes the following ways: bronzing , screen printing, paste metal words, embossing, carving, affixed metal cards and other production methods.