Wooden box high-grade packaging lies in the basic details

- Sep 15, 2018-

Why is the wooden box packaging in hand-made details? Noble Packaging now shares the key points in the process of packaging production:

1. The wooden box is from the material to the jigsaw, and then to the assembly and polishing. In this process, the important thing is the technique of the jigsaw. The inconspicuous artificial technique is in this link. If it is not done well, then the finished product will come out. After that, the non-conforming product is directly positioned, because the foundation of the jigsaw is not done well, it will be easy to have a gap, and it will crack slowly.

2, after polishing, it is to the paint link, in the paint requirements, to make the effect of the paint surface, such as matte, bright, high-gloss and baking paint, then the technology in the paint lies in the ability of the master, the color and finish of the paint The grasp, no matter what kind of luminosity paint, in the process must grasp the dryness and uniformity of each layer of paint, otherwise there will be water ripples and particles on the surface, the details are very important.

3. After the wooden box is partially completed, the next step is the interior craft in the box. Some high-grade wooden boxes require the interior to use EVA 裱 plush, other grades have other materials, etc., regardless of the use What kind of material interior, when manually assembled into the box, must be the size and manual paste and other details just done, no less, not just fine, just fine, is the biggest requirement of detail, a wooden box packaging looks very good And open to see the interior is not fine enough, then this package will also pull down the grade directly.