Classification Of Wooden Boxes

- Jan 25, 2019-

The wooden box is a container genus, which is divided into a square shape, a triangle shape, a diamond shape, a circle shape, and the like. The variety has a heaven and earth cover, a flip cover, a pumping plate and the like. The process includes: traditional buckle, right angle stitching, 45 degree angle stitching, silver inlay, boxwood inlay stitching, copper inlay, relief, jade inlay, modern craft and laser engraving, mechanical engraving.

Many materials: mahogany, red sandalwood, rosewood, oak, cherry, walnut, eucalyptus, pine, paulownia, poplar, etc. are the preferred materials for wooden boxes. The surface treatment includes chemical paint, lacquer, water-based paint, MDF sticker skin, veneer, leather craft, etc. The environmentally-friendly wooden packaging box is carefully polished and polished to be purer and more natural!

Material classification

1, solid wood box, mainly mahogany box, rosewood box, oak box, cherry wood box, walnut box, elm box, birch box, pine box, paulownia box and so on.

2, MDF wooden box, mainly painted wooden box, sticker wooden box, veneer wooden box, patch wooden box, paste PVC wooden box and so on.

Use classification tea wooden box, cordy wood box, bird's nest wooden box, sea cucumber wooden box, antler wooden box, necklace wooden box, ring wooden box, watch wooden box, jade wooden box, gift wooden box and so on.

Use the method to classify disposable wooden boxes and recycle wooden boxes.