High-gloss Polished Paint Wooden Box Introduction

- Aug 10, 2018-

High-gloss paint wooden box, also known as the bright paint on the box surface, the thickness of the high-gloss paint wooden box is very thick, and it needs to be polished to achieve a certain brightness. There is a light-colored paint wooden box on the market, but the thickness and brightness of the paint. Far from reaching a certain thickness and brightness, the cost of high-gloss polished wooden boxes is also high. There are many processes for making wooden boxes, especially the process of wooden box painting, especially as high-end paint high-gloss paint wooden boxes.

We also introduce some of the processes for making wooden boxes below:

Product color: according to customer requirements color.

Product size: According to customer requirements, or combined with our existing product reference.

Product material: bamboo, rubber wood, aspen, MDF, American maple, Brazilian rosewood, black walnut, etc. (on-demand). Special paper, gray card, white cardboard, leather-filled leather, pu leather

Product painting: environmentally friendly paint, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Packing instructions: The product enters the steam bubble bag into the outer box and the outer box has six sides of the styrofoam protection. According to different transportation modes of the product, the company will carry out different packaging methods to ensure the safe transportation of the goods.

Many of the exquisite high-gloss wooden boxes are used to package high-value products, such as jewelry, gold and silver, etc., and also specialize in jewellery wooden boxes for sale. Many foreign customers also like to make high-gloss paint wooden boxes, such as some cigar wooden boxes, wine wooden boxes, all made with high-gloss paint.