Wood Products Companies Must Win The Market With Intelligence

- Jan 30, 2019-

A few days ago, the 2017 Wood Products Green Development Forum was held. Green, brand, and innovation development have become the key words on the forum.

Everyone is talking about innovation, but wood products companies that can truly innovate and develop are talking about products. This wooden door uses advanced carbon fiber heating technology to break through the limitations of traditional wooden doors through innovative craftsmanship and materials. Based on the pain points and needs of consumers, the home floor of nature divides the “pain point” of the user's home scene according to the characteristics of different spaces, and releases the living room wear-resistant floor with special space function, kitchen anti-fouling floor, bathroom anti-skid floor, The anti-aging floor of the balcony and the children's creative floor have started the “first shot” of the market segment of the flooring industry.

These products are from the consumer's point of view, and actually solve the consumer's needs, so they are given a different meaning from the moment of "birth". These differentiated, personalized products, compared to those of homogenized products, their design advantages are eye-catching and more popular with consumers.

If enterprises want to innovate and develop and make unique products, they must combine their own development characteristics to find the key force points. With the slogan of innovation and slogan, you may lose yourself.

Especially in the current market environment, manufacturing has been transformed into “intellectual creation”. The personalized needs of the consumer groups after the 1980s and 1990s will also become mainstream. To win their favor, it is more necessary to personalize and diversify products. As far as the market is concerned, in recent years, it has become more and more custom-made for home decoration, and customized production is also faced with various problems such as large tolerance of door opening, difficulty in standardization of production, periodicity, low production efficiency, and long delivery time. In addition, some enterprises have weak technological competitiveness, produce inferior quality and homogenization products, shoddy, engage in price wars, disrupt the market, and affect the healthy development of the industry. In the face of this series of challenges, it is particularly important for wood products companies to activate endogenous power, open up creative models, and give products more wisdom.

The reporter believes that at present, green is not a development issue for enterprises, but a problem of survival. Therefore, its importance is beyond doubt. However, the brand is built on the product, a creative product, and there is no brand reputation. The creative products that are surprisingly successful will win the favor of consumers in a highly competitive market environment, and will defeat the opponents with an overwhelming advantage, and let the brand and quality fall. If there is no creative product, why should we occupy a place in the market?

How to innovate? Different companies have different actions, such as standardization of production processes, upgrading of product technologies, and development of new products that meet market demands. At the root of it, creating a “smart” product is the key to winning the market.