Wooden Box Deformation Problem

- Jan 17, 2019-

Wood box wood products need to use a variety of wood, solid wood and non-solid wood and technology wood, of which the classification of solid wood is also very wide, ordinary solid wood, medium and high-grade wood. This is categorized from the speed and rarity of wood production, and the degree of beauty. Many of the better woods are currently imported from abroad. Such as oak, wax wood; ash wood, etc., more better wood such as black walnut, rosewood African rosewood, and even Burmese red rosewood. Non-solid wood is divided into semi-solid wood, and all non-solid wood, semi-solid wood such as MDF veneer, splint. All non-solid wood MDF boards are attached to wood grain paper and MDF. The difference in wood for making wooden boxes makes the difference in cost. High-grade wooden boxes can be used to make wooden box manufacturers with a variety of good wood.

About the deformation of wooden boxes Many customers have asked us to give this consideration to customers before making wooden boxes. The wooden box is made of wood, and there are solid wood such as rubber wood, aspen, maple, oak, elm, African rosewood, black walnut, and other wood, as well as MDF veneer, and MDF paper. Many customers like to use wood to make wooden boxes. It is generally recommended that customers make small boxes of solid wood, large boxes of solid wood + MDF and veneer to fully solve the deformation problem. If the customer pursues a very high-grade wooden box and uses solid wood, we would recommend using African rosewood mahogany, because the wood of the mahogany is relatively tight, the moisture is not easy to lose, so the deformation is not easy. Other ordinary solid wood timber is loose and moisture is easily lost. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to use solid wood in large boxes. Generally, solid wood + MDF veneer painting is combined with each other. If the customer really needs to use solid wood, then the thickness of the board needs to be thicker.