Wooden Box Introduces Tea Cake Packaging Wooden Box

- Jan 30, 2019-

Tea cake packaging wooden box naturally thinks of what kind of tea cake is used in high-end wooden box packaging, a good tea cake, especially the collection of products worth a lot, and make a good tea The cake box is naturally more representative of its value, of course, it will also protect the tea cup itself. When making tea cake wooden boxes, we generally use very good environmentally friendly paint. At the same time, the inside of the box is not painted, so the inside of the box is very refreshing. The interior is clean with silk cloth. The tea cake packaging wooden box will be fine.

Tea cake: also known as cake tea, group tea. At the beginning of the Northern Song Dynasty, "Ding Jingong was the initiator of the Fujian-made transport group," and later became a dragon group. Ouyang Xiu <Return to the field>: "The product of tea, Mo Gui Yu Longfeng, said the group of tea, where the eight cakes weigh a pound." Long Tuan Feng cake as the court tribute tea, has been used until the Ming Dynasty. Ming "Hongwu twenty-four years in September, on the heavy labor force, strike the dragon group, but pick tea buds to enter"

At present, the main technology of cake tea production is Pu'er tea and Liubao tea, which can better play the special flavor of Pu'er tea. For green tea and oolong tea that need fresh drinks, it is naturally loose tea.

Most of the tea cake packaging wooden boxes are retro-styled with relevant patterns and texts, which also reflects the style of the products, in line with the cultural heritage of tea cakes. The good tea cake packaging wooden box is also a lot of energy for the workers to make.