Wooden Box Introduces The Food Wooden Box

- Jul 19, 2018-

The wooden box introduced by the wooden box With the development of the market economy, the people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for their own body food are getting higher and higher, so the food market is also booming. What follows is the food packaging box, such as food carton packaging, food wooden box packaging, many customers have higher requirements for food packaging, such as Cordyceps powder food packaging box; Cordyceps packaging food wooden box, customer requirements It can reflect the value of the product itself, and requires the function of packaging and multi-function. For example, after the products in the wooden box are used up, the food wooden box can be used twice for other storage items as a storage wooden box.

Food is a popular saying of food. Gb16740-97 <Food Function) General Standard for Food> Article 3.1 defines food as: “(Functional) food is a kind of food, which has the commonality of general food, can regulate the function of the human body, and is suitable for specific people to eat, but not For the purpose of --- disease." Therefore, in the promotion of products, there can be no words related to efficiency, success rate and so on. The role of food in today's society is gradually being accepted by the general public. Food is a general term, and it is generally referred to as “dietarysupplements” in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The food on the market can be roughly divided into general food, medicine, cosmetics, etc., and such products will be packaged in food wooden boxes. Foods have food properties, such as tea, wine, bee products, drinks, soups, fresh juices, medicated diets, etc., with color, fragrance, shape, quality requirements, generally no dose requirements; drugs have nutritional, food-based natural medicines Nature, should be used---use, there are usage and dosage requirements, currently with the "Jian" word batch number of drugs; cosmetics have the properties of cosmetics not only have a small local modification, and have --- absorption, external use, such as perfume , cream, mouthwash, etc.; for the above foods may be slightly more general, may be heard more is Cordyceps, ---, ginseng, etc., such foods. When many customers buy products, they will find that the more high-end food, the more gorgeous the packaging, the food wooden box can reflect the value of the product itself, it is rare, it is easy to make food wooden box, but make a creative food. Wooden boxes are difficult because they require more thought design and later production.