Wooden Box Introduces The Rosewood Box Of The African Rosewood Box

- Sep 22, 2018-

The wooden box has a variety of materials, among which the mahogany box is one of them, various kinds of mahogany, and now the material used in the large-scale wooden box process is generally African rosewood, on the one hand, this wood is relative to other mahogany. The price of the material is moderate. For another reason, this kind of wood has a higher rate of material than other red wood. One of the more important reasons is the rosewood box made of African rosewood, which is popular among the public. A rosewood box made of African rosewood, and its name is also called Brazilian rosewood. Everyone thinks it is made in Brazil. It is actually another name for African rosewood. Below we introduce some knowledge of the redwood. Redwood (general name of mahogany) editing mahogany is a general term for high-end, expensive furniture materials. Redwood is a plant produced in the tropics, legumes, and pterocarpus. Originally referred to as red hardwood, the variety is more.

After the 1980s, people's demand for redwoods is increasing. The industry needs to be standardized. The state has standardized the redwoods according to the density and other indicators. The redwoods are standardized as: two, five, eight, and thirty-three. Due to its slow growth, hard material and long growing period of more than a hundred years, redwood is native to many redwoods in the south. Today, most of the redwoods are produced in Southeast Asia and Africa, cultivated and introduced. Of course, the color of wood such as huanghuali, Burmese rosewood, and chicken wing wood will not be red. The wood pattern is beautiful, the material is hard and durable, and it is used for valuable furniture and arts and crafts. Redwood is a genus of the genus Polygonum in the tropics. It is mainly produced in India and is a common valuable hardwood. "Redwood" is distributed in the tropical regions of the world, mainly in Southeast Asia and South America, Africa and Africa, such as African rosewood. The color of the material is relatively uniform, from light yellow to dark reddish brown, visible dark stripes, shiny, with slight or significant light aroma, staggered texture, fine and uniform structure (South America, Africa slightly thick) wear-resistant, durable, hard, High strength, usually floating in water. The rosewood in Southeast Asia is the best in Thailand, followed by Myanmar. The mahogany box made of African rosewood is more expensive, so it is used to package various valuable products, such as mahogany---box, mahogany tea box, mahogany wine box, etc., which are also used to make mahogany collection wooden boxes. Redwood jewelry boxes, etc.