Wooden Box Introduction Of The Collection Of Packaging Wooden Box

- Jan 30, 2019-

Collectible packaging wooden box, certainly the value of the collection is relatively high, so it is only used in good wooden box packaging, collection box, most of the style is retro classic style, it is in line with the characteristics of the product, so it is useful in the production process Ordinary solid wood painted vintage color paint, with a variety of ancient styles, dragon and phoenix, etc., of course, there are also simple styles, such as the use of better wood African rosewood mahogany, highlighting the characteristics of wooden box mahogany, such mahogany collection The cost of the box is relatively high, because the value of the wood itself is also very high, and the collectible wooden box has become a category of the collection itself.

Then we also talk about the related knowledge of collectibles in culture. Collectibles are divided into four categories: natural history, art history, human history and popular science history. They are divided into four categories, namely, categories, jewelry, famous stones and ornamental stones, coins, Stamps, documents, tickets, trademarks, badges, specimens, ceramics, jade, painting. It should be said that collection is an art, but also a learning. Due to the wide variety of collections, how to scientifically collect, scientifically locate, scientifically preserve, and scientifically classify is very important. This article focuses on the classification issues, other aspects and other future articles to elaborate. At present, the classification of collectibles has not yet formed a very authoritative definition and statement, and it is still to be further studied and discussed by colleagues who are keen on collecting. However, the author is discussing and discussing with Tibetan friends, experts and scholars, as well as reading relevant materials, and from the perspective of private private collections and history, the classification of comparatively similar collections can be roughly natural history, art history, human history and science. Four major categories of history. A good collection naturally needs a better collection of packaging wooden boxes for packaging, on the one hand to protect the product, on the other hand, it is more important to be able to reflect the product and highlight its value.