Wooden Box Packaging

- Jan 30, 2019-

Because of its quaint and heavy texture, wooden boxes are often used in the packaging of various high-end consumer goods, such as food gift boxes, wine gift boxes, health products, and valuable goods. Wooden box packaging often has fine workmanship, sophisticated materials, and a beautiful appearance and shape. Therefore, wooden box packaging itself is usually highly ornamental and commercial. In order to protect the internal goods from collision, the packaging wooden box is often accompanied by flannel, EPE, paper, sponge, foam plastic lining to fix the contents. Due to the selection of materials, workmanship and accessories, the price of wooden box packaging is higher than other packaging forms. Due to the high price of logs, in order to save costs, wooden box manufacturers rarely use logs to make wooden boxes, but instead use plywood and medium density fiberboard instead. At the same time saving cost, it can achieve the same quality as log products.

Wooden boxes are popular in all major industries in China. After continuous development, wooden boxes have been exported to Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, Korea, North America, the Middle East and South America, and have won unanimous praise overseas!