Wooden Box Packaging White Wine Wooden Box

- Oct 06, 2018-

There are many kinds of white wine and wooden packaging in wooden box packaging. Liquor and wooden box packaging is one of them. The value of the wine itself will be improved after the packaging box, a good brand of valuable white wine, Need a good white wine packaging box; white wine is placed in the wine bottle, and then loaded into the wooden box packaging, currently the market is mostly carton packaging white wine, there are also a small amount of white wine in wooden box packaging; the higher the value of white wine, the more Need a good white wine wooden box packaging. There are many kinds of liquor wooden box packaging materials, such as ordinary solid wood rubber wood maple wood, and high-end red wood. Of course, there are also more common material MDF materials; various processes are done on wooden boxes to remind them of high-grade.

Liquor (foreign name: liquor & spirits), distilled rice made from grains, cereals, rice, glutinous rice and wine, etc., which are saccharified and fermented by cooking, saccharification, fermentation and distillation. Also known as shochu, old white dry, burning knife and so on. The wine is colorless (or yellowish) transparent, the scent is pure and pure, the mouth is sweet and refreshing, and the alcohol content is high. After storage and ripening, it has a compound fragrance with ester as the main body. A variety of wines made from koji and distiller's saccharification starter, using starchy (sugar) raw materials, cooking, saccharifying, fermenting, distilling, aging and blending. Strictly speaking, the blended wine blended with edible alcohol and flavor is not considered white liquor. Liquor is mainly concentrated in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the Chishui River Basin in Guizhou Renhuai, Sichuan Yinzhou and Mianzhu Triangle. It has a large-scale and high-quality distilled wine producing area.

Liquor is a unique distilled liquor. It is one of the world's six major distilled spirits (brandy, whiskey whisky, vodka vodka, gin gin, rum rum, liquor liquor & spirits), made from starch or sugary wine cellar. Or obtained by distillation after fermentation. Liquor, also known as shochu and white dry, is a traditional drink. According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica", "The shochu is not the ancient method. It was founded from the Yuan Dynasty. The method uses strong wine and bad simmer (referring to the steamer), steaming the gas, and using the device to drip." Out, the production of liquor in China has a long history. Liquor is a unique distilled liquor. Premium liquor must have an appropriate shelf life. Alfalfa type wine is stored for at least 3 to 6 months, more than one year; the storage period of the wine is about one year, and the wine is required to be stored for more than three years. Alcohol is generally above 40 degrees, and below 40 degrees is low alcohol. An exquisite white wine and wooden box packaging is not so easy to make, because it is also related to the pre-design style of the liquor. The liquor wooden box is packed with matt paint, and also has a wooden box with high-gloss paint. The craft has silk screen text, or engraved text pattern, and the interior matches various flannel or silk cloth. The high-end of the wooden box packaging.