Wooden Box Tea Packaging

- Jan 19, 2019-

The origin of tea is the earliest country that discovered and used tea trees, and is known as the hometown of tea. It is written that our ancestors began to cultivate and use tea trees more than 3,000 years ago. After thousands of years, planting tea and drinking tea has formed a culture - tea ceremony, which not only spreads the land of China, but also spreads to all parts of the world.

Since the ancient literati did not have much tea, the tea has become a symbol of elegance. Good tea can be cherished for tasting, or giving someone else is not a good choice.

No matter which kind of tea, to whom, packaging is indispensable, the common paper packaging on the market, a little ordinary, can not set off its identity; the most expensive is the wooden packaging - wooden box. High-grade wooden box packaging is more enjoyable and loves to collect. Of course, the clean and elegant wooden box can be placed in the same sample as the gift. Hualian Wooden Crafts Factory is a professional enterprise specializing in the production of wooden handicrafts. Its wood-based materials are exquisite, finely crafted, and diverse in style. The gift wooden boxes produced by them are favored by the market.