Hanging Wall 26 Letters For Baby Name

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Hanging Wall 26 Letters Wooden Alphabet Name 


- Brand new and high quality.

- Wooden texture, environmental non-toxic, fully reflect your pursuit of nature and comfort.

- Can be combined according to your needs into a different vocabulary, not only can bring the life fresh atmosphere, but also enrich your life.

- Can be used for home decoration, wall decoration, children's room decoration, flower garden decoration, nursery decoration, wedding decoration, party decoration,propose decoration,etc.

- Can also be used for infants and young children literacy education, children's intellectual toys and so on.


- Material: Wood

- Size:

- A,W - (LxWxH)Approx. 14x2x15cm/5.52x0.8x6inch

- B,C,E,F,P,Q,T - (LxWxH)Approx.11x2x15cm/4.33x0.8x6inch

- D,H,K,N,O,X,Z - (LxWxH)Approx.12x2x15cm/4.72x0.8x6inch

- G - (LxWxH)Approx.11.5x2x15cm/4.53x0.8x6inch

- I - (LxWxH)Approx.7x2x15cm/2.75x0.8x6inch

- J - (LxWxH)Approx.9x2x15cm/3.54x0.8x6inch

- L - (LxWxH)Approx.11.8x2x15cm/4.64x0.8x6inch

- M,R,V - (LxWxH)Approx.13x2x15cm/5.52x0.8x6inch

- S - (LxWxH)Approx.10x2x15cm/4x0.8x6inch

- U,Y - (LxWxH)Approx.12.5x2x15cm/4.92x0.8x6inch

Any questions,please contact us immediately.Thanks!

Package Includes:

1 Piece Wooden Alphabet Plaque

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